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By delaying reimbursement for qualified medical expenses, you can save toward a future financial goal or a dream (you fill in the blank). Because there is no time limit with an HSA to reimburse yourself for qualified medical expenses that you pay out-of-pocket, you can accumulate the reimbursable amount until you reach a determined goal while building tax-free earnings.

1. Set a savings goal

Decide what you’d like to save for and how much money you’ll need.

2. Pay medical expenses out-of-pocket

By paying medical expenses out-of-pocket, you allow the funds in your HSA to continue to build and earn tax-free interest.

3. Archive your receipts

Keep track of your medical receipts, explanations of benefit and invoices by uploading them to your account via the Documentation Library available through the online member portal or mobile app.

4. Reach your savings goal

Track your accumulated reimbursable expenses online, until you reach the desired amount.

5. Cash in

Use the HealthEquity online member portal or mobile app to submit a reimbursement for accumulated qualified expenses and receive a tax-free payment for the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you paid.