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Just like a traditional savings account, your HSA earns interest. HealthEquity uses a tiered interest rate. Your monthly statement displays the current interest rate paid on your account, and rates are also available when selecting ‘Interest Rates’ from the ‘HSA’ menu under the ‘My Account’ tab. Just like the funds you contribute, interest is not taxed when earned.

How to invest

To invest in mutual funds, your HSA balance must meet a minimum threshold. Contact HealthEquity member services at 866.346.5800 to confirm your plan’s threshold.

  1. Log into the member portal using your computer.
  2. Select ‘Investments’ from the ‘My Account’ tab.
  3. Select which investment level suits your investment goals.
    • ‘Advisor Auto Pilot’ and ’Advisor GPS’ provide expert fund management and investment advice.
    • ‘Self-Driven’ allows you to manage your investments and trades yourself.
  4. Click ‘I Agree’ when you have read and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. By selecting ‘Advisor Auto Pilot’ or ‘Advisor GPS,’ you are directed to the Advisor investment tool to define your investment and risk-management settings.

    If you selected ‘Self-Driven,’ continue with these additional steps:

  6. Choose the funds that meet your investment goals. Click the ‘Add’ button to add a fund to your investment mix.
  7. To buy or sell shares from selected fund(s) in your portfolio, select ‘Make a Trade.’
  8. You have two options for buying and selling shares (making a trade):
    • Option 1: Allows you to specify a set dollar amount to purchase shares based on target holdings
    • Option 2: Allows you to specify a dollar amount to buy or sell from each specific fund
  9. Once you make your selection(s) for option 1 or 2, select ‘Confirm.’
  10. When prompted, confirm your trades and select ‘Execute.’

Note: Place your mouse over the fund symbol to see a hover menu from which you can access a fund’s prospectus and research summary.

Investment Services

Personalized guidance,
powerful tools

HealthEquity Advisor™ provides professional investment guidance and access to powerful online tools to maximize your tax-free* HSA earning potential. Our flexible options give you the flexibility to manage your funds or have us do all of the work for you.

For more information, visit:

Disclaimer: not all features are available for all groups.

Investing FAQs

Are my eligible medical claims paid for or reimbursed from my investment account?

No. Investment account balances are separate from your cash balance. To use investment funds to pay for claims you must sell shares. The proceeds from the sale are automatically deposited back to your HSA cash balance within 3 to 5 business days.

What happens if my balance falls below the investments threshold?

You will not be allowed to invest any more funds until your balance exceeds the investment threshold. Investment and HSA cash balances are treated as separate accounts and there is no consequence to your investments if your available balance falls below the investment threshold. You don’t have to sell your investments and you don’t lose them.

Do I have to pay taxes on interest earned from my investments?

No. All interest earned on your HSA and investment accounts within your HSA is taxfree, provided it is used for qualified medical expenses. Any balances from investments sold are automatically deposited back to your HSA cash balance.

How do I know how much is in my total HSA vs. how much is invested?

Log in to your member portal. Go to “Account Balance” under “My Money”. Your total balance (investment and HSA) is displayed as your “Ledger Balance”. Your total HSA cash balance (funds available to pay eligible claims or invest [if higher than the investment threshold]) shows as your “Available Balance”.

Does HealthEquity ever change available investment options?

HealthEquity has infrequently changed the investment options and typically only adds additional options. HealthEquity reserves the right to add or remove funds at any time.