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Health savings account (HSA)

HSAs empower health savings in several ways:

  • Lower monthly health insurance premiums
  • HSA contributions are not taxed*
  • You earn tax-free* interest on HSA balances
  • HSA funds used for qualified medical expenses are not taxed*
  • HSA balances roll over year after year
  • You own your HSA, even if you change jobs or retire

*HSAs are never taxed at a federal income tax level when used appropriately for qualified medical expenses. Also, most states recognize HSA funds as tax-free with very few exceptions. Please consult a tax advisor regarding your state's specific rules.

Video: Winning with an HSA
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Winning with an HSA

An overview of HSAs. How they work and why they are beneficial.


Your HSA transfer

An overview of the HSA transfer process.


Interest rate schedules

A snapshot of current HSA interest rates.


Invest your HSA dollars

An overview of available investment funds and instruction to get you started.


HSA member guide

A comprehensive overview of HSAs and HealthEquity.


About HealthEquity

How HealthEquity can empower you to win with health care.


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Our team of HSA specialists based in Salt Lake City is available every hour of every day, providing you with the tools and information you need to optimize your HSA.