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Purple with purpose

Making a difference

At HealthEquity, we are dedicated to making a difference in the community. In 2015, we launched “Purple with Purpose” to support organizations that align with our vision to connect health and wealth in the communities we serve. Purple with Purpose includes:

Charitable giving

HealthEquity desires to integrate our remarkable “purple” culture into the community. When it comes to charitable giving, our Purple with Purpose program looks to support organizations that:

  • provide disaster relief
  • fund research for preventing many health-debilitating diseases
  • support health and wellness
  • improve quality of life in the community
  • promote consumer-driven healthcare
  • encourage financial wellness

Organizations interested in receiving financial support should send a formal request to PurplewithPurpose@healthequity.com outlining how your cause supports the guidelines above and relates to HealthEquity’s goals.


HealthEquity’s team members are passionate about serving and volunteering. Full time team members are given two days of additional paid time off to serve established 501c3 organizations in their communities, and since 2015 team members have collectively spent over 5,800 hours volunteering in their local communities.

To submit a request for charitable support

Please send an email to PurpleWithPurpose@HealthEquity.com outlining how your cause relates to HealthEquity’s goals.

Request for support

organizations we support

  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake
  • Charity Vision
  • Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
  • United Way of Salt Lake

Purple with Purpose has been active since 2015

hours volunteering
gifts for kids
supported organizations