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HealthEquity and WageWorks

A remarkable benefits partner

HealthEquity and WageWorks have combined to create a new health savings and consumer-directed benefits partner for employers, benefits consultants, and health and retirement plan providers seeking to help working families connect health and wealth.

HealthEquity’s foundation is our ‘Purple’ culture: the value we place on delivering remarkable service, above and beyond what others expect. Our Purple culture helped us become the nation’s largest independent custodian of health savings accounts (HSAs). We add to that foundation the talented team members and unique capabilities of WageWorks, a national leading provider of flexible spending, health reimbursement accounts (FSAs and HRAs), COBRA, direct billing, commuter, and fitness and education reimbursement programs.

Transitional communications

Member communications

We have committed to invest $80 to $100 million over the next 2 to 3 years to ensure a remarkable experience.

We believe that combining HealthEquity and WageWorks will allow us to provide an enhanced and
innovative solution for your employees and give you greater choice and peace of mind.

US-based benefits experts available live, every hour of every day
One team delivering an end-to-end solution on a single platform
Strong privacy protections benchmarked against industry standards
Education that helps families spend less today and save more for tomorrow
Help your employees use their benefits to their full potential

Frequently asked questions

We invite you to review the frequently asked questions listed below. We will continue providing important updates on this site.

Q: When did this happen?
A: HealthEquity and WageWorks officially became one company August 30,2019. Although the deal is done, you will not see any disruption or changes in your service in the near term. We are currently evaluating our services and technology platforms to provide you with the best experience possible. We will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Q: How does this affect me?
A: You will not have any immediate changes or disruption to your account(s) or service. You will continue accessing your account through either the WageWorks or HealthEquity portals. We will share additional information about how you will access your benefits well in advance of any changes.

Q: How does this change benefit me?
A: Combining HealthEquity, one of the largest HSA providers and WageWorks the leading provider of FSA and HRAs allows us to provide an end-to-end platform to help members spend smarter while saving for healthcare now and into retirement.

Q: Will I keep my account manager?
A: Yes. You will continue to work with your current contact at either HealthEquity or WageWorks.

Q: Will customer service phone numbers stay the same?
A: Yes. For now, all customer service phone numbers will remain the same.

Q: Do I still contact the same employer services?
A: Yes. You will continue to contact HealthEquity or WageWorks for account assistance.

Q: Will my employees have the same member services contact number?
A: Yes. Your employees will continue to contact either WageWorks or HealthEquity member services.

Q: Will the way I receive service change?
A: We are committed to meeting your service expectations. Your service contact and experience will remain the same. You will be notified of any changes before they occur.

Q: Where will the primary service center be located?
A: HealthEquity has a service center based in Utah and WageWorks has service centers in Tempe, Irving, Milwaukee and Louisville. The location of our service centers will not change.

Q: What is the future for service delivery by the combined companies?
A: We are actively engaged in delivering the exemplary service and speed to resolution you expect. Our goal is to implement a coordinated service model for your accounts with one person acting as lead. That person will coordinate services and strategy with our other internal support teams like marketing, product development, contracts, etc.

Q: Will my Open Enrollment (OE) 2020 be impacted by the acquisition?
A: No. Our top priority throughout the integration is to continue to deliver the remarkable service you expect from us and provide you more solutions from the combined organization.

Q: I have accounts at both companies. How should I access my account?
A: You can continue accessing your account as usual through separate portals as you do now. You will be notified of any changes before they occur.

Q: Can I still access my account at WageWorks?
A: Yes. You will be able to access your account as usual.

Q: Will fees associated with my account change?
A: No. You will continue with the same fee structure you have currently. If any fees associated with your account change, we will notify you in advance.

Q: Will clients or participants have to do anything to maintain their benefits or service?
A: No. There will not be any changes to the benefits or services clients and participants currently receive today as a result of the acquisition. You will be notified of any changes before they occur.

Q: Will products remain the same?
A: Yes. Our combined product portfolio will remain the same with HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, COBRA and commuter accounts. The new combined company will now be able to provide retirement, fitness, and education reimbursement programs in addition to the consumer-directed benefits we already provide.

Q: When can I expect a combined portal?
A: Migration timelines will be determined once we have completed a thorough evaluation of all our platforms and what is required for migration onto or off of those various platforms.

Q: Will my employees get new debit cards?
A: No. Members will continue using their current HealthEquity or WageWorks debit card. We will notify well in advance if any debit card changes occur.

Q: What if my employees have accounts at both HealthEquity and WageWorks?
A: Members will continue to access both accounts through their HealthEquity and WageWorks portals. We will notify you and your employees of any changes going forward regarding account access.

Q: Do our open enrollment plans change?
A: No. Current open enrollment plans will remain as scheduled.