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Dependent care flexible spending accounts (DCFSA)

Save using a DCFSA

DCRA tax free
Pay for dependent care with tax-free dollars
Reduce taxable income
Reduce your taxable income amount

To qualify, the dependent care must be:

  • essential for you and your spouse to work
  • to look for work
  • to attend school full-time

How a DCFSA works

With a DCFSA, you are able to make pre-tax payroll contributions to pay for dependent care expenses.

  1. Determine the amount you would like to contribute for the year. The maximum annual DCFSA election allowed is $5,000 per household. Unlike medical flexible spending accounts, your annual DCFSA funds are not available upfront. Funds are only accessible as they are deposited with each payroll deduction.
  2. Pay dependent care costs out-of-pocket.
  3. Submit expenses for reimbursement either through the HealthEquity member portal, or by using the DCFSA Reimbursement form. Recurring DCFSA claims can be scheduled for the duration of the plan year.

Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it

DCFSA funds do not roll over year after year. You must use your DCFSA dollars within the plan year or they will be forfeited.

Qualified dependent care expenses

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